OBPA Chronology

History of Activity as Recorded by Outer Banks Preservation Association (OBPA)

1952: Cape Hatteras National Recreational Seashore Park established (CAHA), managed by the National Park Service (NPS).

2/2/72: Pres. Richard Nixon signs Executive Order #11644 requiring Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) management plan for National Parks.

1/1977: Cape Hatteras National Seashore presents its ORV Management Draft Plan.

5/24/77: Pres. Jimmy Carter signs Executive Order #11989 amending and broadening EO #11644 requiring National Park Service. to manage ORV use within the National Parks.

2/1978: OBPA is formed and writes an alternative ORM management plan.

10/1978: CAHA sends an Interim ORV Management Plan to the NPS Atlanta Regional office.

1/26/90: CAHA sends a Proposed Special Regulation for Over Sand Vehicle Use in CAHA to the NPS Atlanta Regional office.

6/12/90: CAHA Park Superintendent Bob Reynolds addresses the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club, stating that CAHA needs to get into the NPS Park Fee Demo program to sell permits to raise money to create an ORV Management Plan. (A similar presentation was given to the N.C. Beach Buggy Association NCBBA) earlier by Mr. Reynolds.

12/7/99: Bluewater Network files a petition with the NPS national office to ban all ORVs from all National Parks.

1/2000: OBPA re-assembles to address Free & Open Beach Access.

1/2000: OBPA meets with NPS personnel regarding lengthy ramp closures and other issues.

2/12/00: OBPA addresses the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club.

2/17/00: OBPA files a Freedom of information Act (FOIA) request with CAHA, receiving over 5,000 pages of information.

3/3/00: OBPA meets with NPS Superintendent Frances Peltier.

3/2000: OBPA inspects ramps 27 & 30 and requests NPS reopen them. Ramps are reopened shortly thereafter.

3/2000: OBPA attends Ocean City Sportsmen convention and addresses United Mobile Sportsmen (UMS).

3/2000: OBPA becomes a member of UMS.

4/2000: OBPA attends fund-raiser for Congressman Walter B. Jones to express concerns about Free & Open Beach Access.

4/19/00: OBPA files the 5,000 page FOIA docket with the Hatteras Village Branch of the Dare County Library.

4/28/00: OBPA addresses 4-Plus (Richmond, VA) fishing tournament participants in Buxton.

4/28/00: OBPA holds its first Public Forum in Buxton NC.

5/15/00: Dare County Board of Commissioners adopt a resolution Advocating Unrestricted Access to the Beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Any organization who desires to adopt this Resolution should contact OBPA.

5/27/00: OBPA has a membership booth at NCBBA Annual Meeting in Rodanthe, NC.

7/2000: OBPA attends a US Fish & Wildlife (FWS) public hearing in Wilmington, NC to learn about the proposed Piping Plover Critical Habitat Designation and its impact on beach driving.

7/20100: OBPA invited to Washington, DC to testify before the Congressional Sub-Committee on National Parks and Public Lands.

7/2000: OBPA develops and activates a Website (www.obpa. net).

7/2000: OBPA has booth at Nags Head Fishing Club Annual Meeting.

8/2000: OBPA files with the state of North Carolina to become a nonprofit corporation.

8/2000: ORPA attends a FWS public meeting in Manteo about the proposed Piping Plover Critical Habitat designation issue.

8/10/00: Cape Hatteras Anglers Club adopts resolution similar to the resolution adopted by Dare County on 5/15/00.

9/7/00: OBPA meets again with NPS regarding ramp closures and other issues.

9/2000: OBPA joins with the American Coastal Coalition to block the proposed Piping Plover Critical Habitat designation.

9/2000: OBPA addresses the Ocracoke Business Association.

10/1/00: Cape Hatteras National Seashore is accepted into the NPS Fee Demo Program.

10/6/00: OBPA addresses the Nags Head Surf Fishing Tournament participants.

10/16/00: OBPA addresses Capital City 4-Wheel Drive Fishing Tournament participants.

11/3/00: OBPA addresses Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Fishing Tournament participants and has a membership booth at the tourney.

11/6/00: OBPA attends NPS public meeting on proposed fees (Fee Demo Program) in Buxton.

12/8/00: OBPA files with IRS for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

12/8/00: OBPA meets with Cape Hatteras Bird Club.

During 2000: OBPA circulates petition advocating Free & Open Beach Access. collecting 9,000 signatures.

2/6/01: ORPA attends Surf Riders Foundation meeting in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

2/24/01: OBPA attends Davis Island Fishing Foundation board of Directors and General Membership meeting in Pineville, NC.

3/2 thru 4/01: OBPA attends Annual UMS Meeting in Ocean City. MD.1

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